Leadership = Relationships + Influence

The topic of leadership can seen be double-edged sword if we are not clear. First, leadership is a skill to develop over time and each of us is a leader in the areas that we influence. Leadership is the critical glue for success and leadership development must be a focus. Second, (the double edge part!) leadership is a word to which not everyone can relate. When we mention leadership, half (or more) of the audience we are talking to checks out. They see leadership as something that is not applicable to them and in fact, that leadership is “someone else’s job!” They do not view that they hold “leadership” positions at work or anywhere else for that matter. We know this is not at all accurate, but in reality, the word leadership becomes a barrier to many. Additionally, when we attempt to “fix” this disconnect, we say things like, “everyone is a leader,” which is true, but seen as cliché, making it hard to buy into.

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