Driving Tangible Results Within Your Organization

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

I have found that success for companies or organizations and success for individuals is not only linked, but also mutually beneficial. An organization that highlights personal growth for employees and stakeholders, coupled with personal accountability through a driving desire to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of all customers (internal and external), not only enjoys happy and engaged employees, but also significant business results. Additionally, as organizations "legislate behavior" through transparent and inclusive (all stakeholders included) principles and values, they also watch both #culture and sustainability skyrocket. As they find harmony and hear the "click" that comes from getting in sync, results improve rapidly and consistently.

An engaged and accountable culture – made up of employees and customers who do their jobs well and are committed to future growth and evolution as an individual – is a part of the recipe for growing, thriving and evolving business.

I had to ask myself why a model that encompasses a way for people to use concrete methods to improve self-concept and drive organizational culture does not exist. Since this is the key to business success, how do we find a way to see, grow and manage culture? My many years of business experience brought me to create this BASE Model to do just that. A framework that evaluates and develops knowledge, vision, skills, principles and values in a tangible, measurable and manageable way. The BASE Model is for you! When you use this model, you will drive culture and results in any business, organization or for you as an individual. Aligning your organization's BASE with the BASE of its stakeholders (the people that make the engine hum) is powerful. This is when Base Results was born. When I realized and saw with my own eyes how impactful using the BASE Model is, I just had to share. I had to help businesses, customers and employees all WIN at the same time.

Traditionally, organizational leadership develops a strategy, but many times find that this only works in the short term. The plan lands on a shelf somewhere and is not integrated into culture. Why? Because stakeholders (especially internal staff/customers) are not included, thus the buy-in from them is very low. To drive buy-in, make your strategy planning and implementation inclusive and broad based in its origin.

Is your organization interested in long term success? Are you wanting to decrease turnover? Are you looking for ways to drive a culture that is zeroed in on customer needs and expectations far beyond today? Are efforts to drive company culture a shot in the dark? What if culture was so clearly written in your DNA that your stakeholders could all feel it – the reason why they want to work for you or do business with you? Is that the culture you desire?

When allowing all facets driving your thinking and buy-in to become visible and tangible, your company culture not only improves but becomes something you can visualize and manage. How? A laser focus on the three critical dimensions (Culture, Principles and Values, and Knowledge and Vision) allows you to step back and see where you are collectively today and then center your attention on collectively improving your desired results. When stakeholders are included, it allows the company to see where everyone stands individually and conjointly.

Typically, company management will have a vision and processes in place, but the stakeholder’s voice was not considered. These stakeholders see the company in a different light. Is this disconnect already affecting their ability to work to their potential? You bet it is! So why not use a method that engages all, aligns to their personal BASE (knowledge, skills, vision, self-concept, principles and values), and allows them to see how their contribution moves the organization’s desired results? Happy and engaged employees striving for company success at the same time can be achieved!

The BASE Model has driven extraordinary results in my personal life, in my work experience as well as with others I have worked with. A common focus on employees produces an engaged and enthusiastic workforce that can focus on individual and organizational results at the same time. I know it works and I know those of you that want your company to achieve "next level" results will be thrilled with the outcomes. Find your BASE and drive your results!

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