BASE Strategy Methodology

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The BASE'ics!

At the core of Base Results, is the BASE Model. 


The first step in Strategy integration is to find, understand and manage the BASE. 

An individual BASE = Knowledge + Values + Self Concept

Knowledge - The skills, talent and knowledge you posses and bring to the table with you! The knowledge of stakeholders (people that depend on you) and their needs and expectations.  

Values - The core values and/or characteristics that you strive to achieve.

Self Concept - Self Esteem+ Self Image + Self Determination + Self actualization

Self Concept is a balance between all four areas. More simply stated

Self Concept = Ego + Reality. 

Organizational BASE - Knowledge + Values + Culture

Knowledge - The skills, talent and knowledge of your team + knowledge of stakeholders (internal and external customers) and their needs and expectations + knowledge of the industry + the collaborative vision for the future. 

Values - The collective core values of the company and/or key characteristics they embody.

Culture - Measured in how an organization communicates, interacts and how others feel about them. It is built through the collection of the Self Concepts of the internal and external stakeholders.

The key is to understand the organizations BASE. To get there however requires we understand not only the importance of each person, their growth and development, clarity of communication/interactions internally and externally and the alignment to common values. 

Lets talk about how to get you on board and start seeing results!