About BASE Results

Base Results owner and CEO, Chad Bringman, has always had a desire to help businesses thrive. Over his 20+ years in executive leadership, he has developed a methodology (BASE Model) that addresses a simple yet significant problem that limits business results. 


Culture eats strategy for breakfast.... unless?

Business/Organizational Results are ALWAYS in one or both of only two categories: 1) Profitability/Asset Generation OR 2) Customer Defined Quality.


Our BASE Model gets our customers results. Want to drive profitability just when you thought you couldn't? Looking for more impact? We are the solution.

Great strategy embraces and manages culture to drive optimal results. We are here to show you a simple way to implement our model and start making your business results seem nearly automatic.

We look forward to talking with you today!


Chad Bringman - Founder and CEO
Base Results, LLC.

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