About BASE Results

Base Results owner and CEO, Chad Bringman, MBA, started a company focused on a strategy methodology that he personally created and has battle tested. Blending the use of culture driving aspects into the strategy development model creates a robust solution that 1) create a strategy that all buy into because culture is included 2) builds in two main components of culture that enhance the company (or even individuals) ability to evolve and sustain over time - 1) accountability and 2) character while also focusing on discipline (training and development).


Recently Base Results entered into a joint venture with Tranzamon (technology company) to expand our capabilities and provide improved data services. 

Together with BizPulser, the methodology and technology together produce a simple to use process for businesses to evaluate the current pulse (internally and externally), build strategy to enhance where they see gaps and drive new results. Often with slight tweaks that were not visible before. A focus on the company’s Principles and Values, Self Concept and Culture along with Knowledge and Vision is essential.

Here is how we help!

  • Develop a tangible Pulse of the Culture in your business

  • Align strategy to meet and exceed internal and external stakeholders

  • Align a team of professionals to help support your needs

  • Provide real time data in a Pulser product that encourage 


Chad Bringman - Founder and President
Base Results, LLC.

646 Grandview Court
Elmore, Ohio 43416

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