About BASE Results

Base Results owner and CEO, Chad Bringman, MBA, started a company focused on a strategy methodology that he personally created. A laser focus on the ideas that blend company culture and strategy/task completion is something that has never been done. We know that organizations utilizing the BASE Model methodology see results like no one else.


A focus on Principles, Values, Knowledge, Vision, Culture and Self Concepts provide a tangible look at 1) accountability and 2) character while also focusing on discipline (training and development).


Recently Base Results entered into a joint venture, BizPulser, with Tranzamon (technology company) to expand our capabilities and provide improved data services. Check out the 60 second video below:

Here is how we help!

  • Develop a tangible Pulse of the Culture in your business

  • Align strategy to meet and exceed internal and external stakeholders

  • Align a team of professionals to help support your needs

  • Provide real time data in a Pulser product that encourage 


Chad Bringman - Founder and President
Base Results, LLC.

646 Grandview Court
Elmore, Ohio 43416

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